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I've been in a frenzy for the past month or so preparing for NCECA-Milwaukee.  My dear friend and fellow artist Katie Coughlin and I are presenting a two person exhibition during the conference.  The show, Plenty, will include a collaborative installation as well as work made independently.  

The exhibition will be on view in the Marshall Building (207 E. Buffalo St.).

Tuesday 3/18 - Saturday 3/22, 9am-4pm. 

Opening Reception: Thursday 3/20 6pm-9pm.  Please join us!

In additon to preparing Plenty, I am also participating in the Process Room at NCECA.  A recent post on the NCECA blog describes the process room as "designed to allow potters to demonstrate a quick technique or process and, in many cases, to allow onlookers the opportunity to try it out."  On Friday 3/21 at 9am I will do a brief demonstration on building basket forms from wheel thrown compoments.  I am in good company!  For a complete listing of those presenting, go here.