Artist's Statement, oh dear...

Added on by allison craver.

I have been avoiding publishing an artist statement to my website.  

While I certainly see the value of articulating my creative process for an audience, I also find it troubling.  Increasingly, I find the idea of habitually interrupting my studio practice to verbalize my intentions, motivations & observations very disruptive.  It seems too easy to undermine the work itself by attempting to articulate relationships & nuances that are interesting because of an inherent deflection of parallel/linear lingual interpretation.  (Thought i feel compelled to draw a distinction between work that falls into this delicate, ambiguous category & intentionally cryptic work.)  

I will reconcile this:  The pots represent a constant negotiation between my hands, head, expectation & a personal compulsion to buck patterns as they emerge.  Improvisation determines what a particular form needs to feel complete (or sometimes, perfectly incomplete).  Making & contemplation are one.

This is as close to an artist statement as I can bare today.  One day, I hope my writing skills will be sufficient & poetic enough to articulate the nuances of my hand.  Until then, i will continue to ramble.